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We strive to ensure that our rakyat stays well informed.

what we can do

Bina Bersama is an application that provides a service in which acts as a database for NGOs, Government Agencies, Aids & Grants and ADUNs, in which can be accessed by users who are in need of information pertaining to them. Users will simply have to register into the application in order to get started. Bina Bersama also enables users to view Weather Forecasting, E-PDRM Reporting, locating Flood Prone Areas and more! Bina Bersama hopes to be able to keep the rakyat well informed and capable of ensuring their safety!

Flood Prone Area

Be able to locate and identify Flood Prone Areas, in order to take necessary precautions.

Retention Ponds

Be able to view Retention Pond locations, in which allows for adapting and to take necessary precautions.

Hydraulic Structures

Be able to view the locations of Hydraulic Structures, to be more aware and cautious.

Why People Choose Us

NGO Database

Displays all the NGOs that are legitimate and listed. Information such as NGO service type, information and contact details are also available.

Government Agencies

Displays all the Government Agencies that offer services related to natural disasters. Information such as service type, unit functions, information and contact details are also available.


Displays the list of ADUN that are available based on the selected State & Federal Constituency. Information regarding all ADUNs is also available.

Aids & Grants

View all the Aids & Grants available, alongside the description and details of the Aid. Ratings can also be provided to the aids and grants.

E-PDRM Reporting

Open up an online PDRM Reporting form that can be used to fill police reports and more.

Weather Forecast

Be able to view Weather Forecast results and warnings.

Reserved Areas

View all Reserved Areas located around Malaysia at ease.


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Aids & Grants

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